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Trish Isabella Hopkins is an author of creative literature by night, weekends, and holidays. During the day, her college literary students know her as Dr. Trish. She holds a PhD in adult education, an MFA in creative writing, and is almost finished with a MFS in forensic science.

The most important thing to know about Trish is that she breathes, eats, and dreams storytelling. She rarely sleeps between all the fantastic roles she assumes as an author, teacher, student, mother, wife, and good deed doer. Trish loves her three deaf Dalmatians who rescued her instead of the other way around; she adores her family (who always comes first). She loves to laugh, listen to other people's true-life stories, and make the world a happier place one moment at a time. The Heart of Texas is the place Trish calls home.

The Crowfoot Society: Winslow Manor

                       Trish Isabella Hopkins

Author: Trish Hopkins